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Enter By March 2, 2014 To Become Part of The "Mobile Photo Movement"

The aim of this second edition of the Mobile Masters interactive eBook is to showcase Mobile Photography as a distinctive and expanding new movement in the history of the art form. It will curate the best work of some of the most passionate early innovators of this underground movement with images that would not have been made just 3 or 4 years ago.
Last year’s edition was by invitation only, but with so much new and exciting work emerging from a diverse range of people and locations, we wanted to invite all, from novice to pro, to submit work for inclusion. We want to identify the world’s top 48 artists who are breaking new ground in mobile photographic image discovery.


Submit a Complete ePortfolio

Since good work is not just about getting one or two lucky shots, but rather about a sustained vision across a body of work, we will be looking at broader e-portfolios of work via a link like Flickr or Instagram.

Unique Balance of Judges

We want the work chosen to be considered more than just good “mobile” work so we have invited a diverse, distinguished group of jurors comprising three from the fine art photography world and three top mobile photography artists.

Winners Announced on the Big Stage

The winners will be announced and their work shown at Mobile Masters/Macworld in San Francisco on March 26, 2014. This expo is the largest gathering of Apple products and fans (about 35,000) and has run for the last 28 years. Tap for more info on Macworld Mobile Photo Event

Seen in 60 Countries & MORE

Last year's edition of this beautifully designed, highly acclaimed edition has been downloaded in over 60 different countries, receiving glowing reviews from many top Mobile photo blogs. Many other prizes are also being awarded!!! See image slider above.



Uniqueness of Vision


Artistic Merit


Consistency of Portfolio

Masters milestones

Countries Downloaded Mobile Masters

Number of People Who Attend Macworld

How Many Artists Will Be Chosen

Notable Fine Arts & Mobile Masters Judges

We want the work chosen to be considered more then just good “mobile” work. We want Mobile Masters to stand as a historical record of the best work in this emerging new evolution in photography... The “Mobile Movement”. As such, we have invited a diverse, distinguished group of jurors comprising three from the fine art photography world and three top mobile photography artists who also are each seasoned with outstanding careers in the arts.


Many of the artists featured (by invitation) in Mobile Masters “Crossing the Threshold” said the international exposure gave them a launchpad to many new projects and followers. Be in the very first Mobile Masters Proof competition and gain the distinction of displaying the Mobile Master Seal on your website.
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Contest Categories

The two defining aspects of mobile photography are image discovery and image invention and this is how we delineate the two categories in the contest. You can enter work in each of these categories but they must be separate entries and you should organize your portfolio links accordingly.

Category 1 Image Discovery
Thanks to its unique characteristics, mobile has allowed new perspectives and new moments to be discovered like never before in the history of photography. This category is about straight shots, with only limited manipulation to enhance the tone or mood, but not alter the moment. This is sometimes referred to as street photography and is about capturing true images, no matter where they occur. See examples below.

Category 2 Image Invention
A combination of easy-to-use mobile apps and raw artistic imagination has opened up a whole new genre of manipulated imagery. Through “app stacking” and sculpting of pixels, emotive and evocative images are being invented. This category is about pushing images toward new meaning or into new contexts. See Examples Below

Category 1 Image Discovery

Category 2 Image Invention

Category 2 Image Invention

Category 1 Image Discovery

Category 1 Image Discovery

Category 2 Image Invention

Category 1 Image Discovery

Category 2 Image Invention

Category 1 Image Discovery

A new Year* Generation* Movement in Photography

Contest Details

Our needs when you win

We will choose six images from your portfolio folio to feature on your spread. We will need the original image (before any processing) and the finished image in the highest available resolution on each. NOTE: We are a bit flexible on this and can work around the need for the original image

We need you to supply a horizontal video (taken with your iPhone about a minute or 2 long) explaining your background and why mobile photography is so satisfying to you. And / Or a short sound only recording of your processing technique of each of the 6 images chosen.

We will need about 250 words with some details about your shooting and app processing techniques in general.

The links to the original portfolio you sent to be judged along with 2 other related links (Like Facebook, Twitter your Website) and your email address. Look at last year’s edition of "Mobile Masters" in the iTunes app store for examples.

You will have approx 2 weeks to get these items to us. We will work hard to help you with this process but If you can not furnish all of these items you may be disqualified and some other person will be chosen.

Rules and Rights

The Mobile Masters competition is open to any living mobile photographer, 18 years of age or older, from any country. Images must have been taken with a mobile device and then manipulated mainly on a mobile device as well. Professional photographers will be judged against other professionals and non-professionals against other non-professionals and students.

Copyright and all other rights remain that of the photographer. Use may include publication in any Mobile Masters media sponsor publication. All entrants understand that any image submitted to the competition may be used by Mobile Masters for marketing and promotional purposes including in any media such as exhibitions, print and digital media directly related to the Mobile Masters, though there may not be monetary compensation. By winning or placing in the competition you are agreeing to be included in the winners' ebook and gallery show.

Neither Mobile masters, Marcolina Design Inc, nor their sponsors, affiliates, or partners assumes any responsibility for photos submitted in violation of competition rules, or for those which violate copyright regulations. Mobile Masters will investigate claims of copyright infringement to the best of its ability, and will remove and disqualify images that are clearly demonstrated to violate copyright and/or competition policies. Mobile Masters will act to maintain the integrity of the competition and its affiliated entities, but is not responsible for any damages resulting from images submitted in violation with rules and regulations.

We will be looking at broader e-portfolios of work (via a link). These can be presented on any platform, such as Flickr, Instagram, Adobe Behance, Eyem etc. We recommend a concise portfolio as we will look at your first 40-50 images. First round of judging will be done by one mobile photographer and one fine arts judge. Second round e-portfolios will be looked at by all 6 judges.

Please do NOT send actual images, just a link so they can be viewed as a group.

Try to create distinct set of images in one link for the judges to see. (Flickr has some really nice tools to create different sets.)

Organize your link in to one of the 2 categories

1) Image Discovery or straight shots (can have some filtering for mood or clarity but not in ways that change or distort the image)
2) Image Creation or shots that are digitally manipulated with one or more apps (these images are abstractions, composites or painted to take the image into another context)

You can send to both categories BUT each would carry its own entry fee.

We Need you phone number AND email address as we do not want you notice to you to get lost in your spam.

No entry will be processed unless the entry fee is attached or has been pre-paid online. Work submitted without the proper forms and payment will be disqualified. Work must be postmarked by the deadline posted online. Mobile Masters retains the right to refuse any entry for any reason.

We will choose 24 main feature winners (get a full page in the ebook with in-depth information about you and your work will be seen large) and and 24 mini feature winners (A shared page with a small showing of work from your e-portfolio link and short paragraph about your process with one link). You can see the distinction if you download the mobile masters ebook from iTunes on your iPad. By submitting an entry, you are agreeing to participate in this exclusive worldwide distributed ebook and print exhibition for exposure and will not be receiving pecuniary compensation.

1) All winners receive Personal Features in the ebook Mobile Masters 2) All winners receive East Coast Print Show 3) All winners Announced/Shown at Macworld / iWorld Expo 4) All who enter get an Exclusive 45 Minute Video Tutorial on Adobe PS touch 5) First twenty Five who enter get the iPhone Obsessed Collection of eBooks 6) Three winners will get the full Adobe Creative Cloud collection of software 7) Three winners will get free entry to the Macworld/iWorld Mobile Masters Workshop 8) Two winners will get Feature Stories in the The App Whisperer 9) Five people will be invited to become Elite members of RooM from Room the Agency 10) Three people will be featured in FLTR Mag from The British Journal of Photography 11) Two Artists will receive 8 by 10 Bamboo Prints from iPhoneart 12) One Artist will receive the full first year collectable collection of Shooter Magazine 13) Three winners will get an OlloClip accessory lens 14) Three people will be Featured in Mobiography eMag and site 15) Fifteen random people will get various App Packs (3 favorite apps in a bundle) OTHER PRIZES TBA see website>

Other prizes will be determined by judges scoring and/or by the sponsor awarding the prize. We plan to spread the limited prizes among the 48 winners and expect that no one winner can receive more then one of these limited prizes. Prizes marked RANDOM can be awarded to people that are not in the final 48 will be given out at the sole discretion of the organizers at any time.

Image Invention$30

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Easy to Enter, "One Price To Submit a Complete ePortfolio" No images to upload or forms to fill out just send a link with your payment. Keep in mind as long as you do not change the URL you can fine tune your ePortfolio even after you enter up until March 2. ALSO the first 25 entries get the AppAlchemy eBook Free!

Discount coupons being given out to a random selection of artist who send to the Instagram + Twitter hash tag #mobilemasters include in the tweet! Watch your Instagram feed for your discounted invitation.

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