Good design is the result of an a-ha moment...
A convergence of intuition and information.

This magic moment of discovery only comes through collaboration. At Marcolina Design, we work with you to understand the core of your brand to create a coherent and creative solution. The print, interactive, video or mobile design solution we strive for can only coexist within the unique character of your company.

Below you will find samples from our array of design services including: Print Work: branding, brochures and collateral; Interactive Work: websites, email blasts, banners and trade show kiosks; Video Work: TV and movie titles, web explainer videos and corporate image pieces; Mobile Work: tablet and phone apps, eBooks, living ads and interactive brochures. Augmented Work: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mobile Enhanced web apps.


eBooks, Web, Video, Print

Currently ranked 4th in the world for software companies, VMware has worked with us over the past 4 or 5 years to design and build a wide variety of media.

Aon Insurance

Print, Web, Video, Email

Over the last year we have produced a wide variety of media including websites, Powerpoints, email blasts, ebooks, and videos for Aon - one of our newest clients. 

Business Wire

Print, Web, Video, Email

For over 20 years we have been creating a multitude of branded assets for Business Wire (a Warren Buffet Company) from tradeshow booths to email blasts.


Video, Live, Presentation, eBooks

We have been working with Adobe since 1994 on some of our most unusual projects. Including a crazy live show on the history of Photoshop. To one of the first eBooks ever done in the digital publishing platform.


Social, Web, Video, eMail

IKEA corporate offices are only a few minutes from our office and we have enjoyed a long relationship with them on special projects.

Children's Hospital

Web, Show Graphics, Video

Nicklaus Children's Hospital is a world leader in pediatric healthcare. We have teamed with them over the last 3 years to design marketing materials for 3 major program seminars.


Print, Web, Video, Exhibit

The world’s leading technology media company and manages major events like E3. We partnered with them to create entire trade show graphics and in-show events for MacWorld and others.  

"Creating good design is not about moving images and type around. It is about moving your audience, your product, your shareholder, your cause.”

About Marcolina Design Inc

My partner, Denise Marcolina and I lead a team of digital designers, working with national and regional companies, to help shape their brand, and tell their story through print and digital media. We've earned a national reputation over more than two decades, shaping unique design solutions across print, interactive, video, tablet and more. Our strength is bringing unexpected, memorable design solutions that are cohesive across medias. We take on design projects of any size. For a deeper look at how we could bring that A-ha moment to your next marketing challenge, give me a call.