Business Wire

Product launch

Business Wire has just launched its Interactive Media service which transforms how news is delivered and consumed. The service breathes new life into traditional news release content with multimedia and dynamic updates as the news evolves. For one of their biggest launchs in many years BW asked us to create all the branding and media components including the the signature interactive video you can see below.

Project Components:
print | Logo Package | Interactive Video | Website | Social media
see it work live tap here


Mobile Madness at EG13

Our long time friend and collaborator Russel Brown from Adobe has slipped into mobile photo madness. He is touring the country with his Marcolina enhanced Power-point preso demonstrating the wild range of possibilities through the use of apps and the Adobe digital work-flow. It is a quirky unexpected 45 min exploration on how to give your photos that "likable" extra something. Below is a small taste.

Project Components:
Visual effects | power point | script writing


The Brand App

In revamping their brand approach, Unisys wanted the capstone to be an app all 22,000 employees could refer to and be inspired by. We were called in 2 months before launch to design, build and deploy a fun to explore iPhone and Android app. A challenging task, but the outcome is receiving rave reviews from 25 countries. It includes dozens of reference videos and documents plus 5 augmented interactive brand experiences to explore with shake, tilt, pinch and swipe.

Project Components:
Visual effects | Apple and android APP coding


Trade Show Product Launch

Ricoh recently brought to market their first large scale medical device, and we were asked to build out all the media for its announcement at a large tradeshow. The new RICOH MEG advances the relevance of MEG in research and clinical settings with many differentiating features which we had to portray in print, video and trade show booth graphics.

Project Components:
brochure | Video | Tradeshow

The Barrel Pouch

Beverage Packaging

Our task was to create a striking design for a unique beverage pouch. But we would not only have to show the application attributes, but also the value proposition in several fluid applications including juice, dairy, and dairy alternatives all incorporated into one design.

Project Components:
photo illustration | branding | 3d modeling